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October 25, 2011

JT Clark


Marketing Solutions By Design

About Us

The JT Clark Agency is a full-service, multi-faceted design boutique located on Chicago’s historic North Shore in Lake Bluff, Illinois. For more than twenty years, we have provided our long list of clients with Marketing Solutions by Design. And we can do the same for you.

At the Agency, we firmly believe that every product you sell or service you offer has an inherent drama that is the lifeblood of your brand. We uncover that drama and then we express it – creatively and purposefully – in the marketing and communications solutions we develop just for you.

With a 20 year history of working with some of the best companies in the world, we have had the pleasure of supporting not only Fortune 100 corporations, but also small business ventures and start-ups. Our goal is to provide the creative sizzle to the marketing science. For all companies and individuals we have been the creative vision, counsel and design development to support their “BRAND” efforts. We have helped launch thousands of Brands in the market today, including items seen in grocery stores, hospitals and even airports.

Today, we have the philosophy of working smart. We help you get what you need and pay just for that. We work with clients at three levels, as a creative extension of their businesses:

  1. As Creative Counsel, providing think time-consulting.
  2. With Creative Vision, strategic design consultation, let us show you what it should look like and your team can get involved to put it together.
  3. We provide a complete turnkey operation and will handle any type of project from a blank slate for a new promotion to a finished program.


  • Brand Identity
  • Logos
  • Brochures
  • Presentation Materials
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Press Kits
  • Corporate Communications
  • Promotional Items
  • Direct Mail
  • Illustration
  • Loyalty Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Video
  • Print
  • Web
  • Video

How We Do It

It’s how we THINK that leads us to creative excellence. We believe in the POWER of branding and that the simplest solution is often the best. We see that in every product or service there exists an inherent DRAMA, which is the true LIFEBLOOD OF THE BRAND. We believe that the naming, positioning and identity design, combined with standards of execution, will always accurately define the BRAND. Branding is present everywhere in our lives and the ESSENCE of any brand is the LOGIC behind its design. So when it comes to our marketing decisions, STRATEGY drives our creative solutions. For each and every project, we incorporate a proven SIX-STEP PROCESS giving you dynamic results every time!




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The JT Clark Agency
Lake Bluff, IL 60044
Phone: (847) 295-8246
Fax: (847) 295-9243



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  1. Julie Trotter Clark has been Congressionally Recognized for her talents,professionalism,Integrity and the Highest of Character;from the Hon.Representative Robert Dold 10thDist.of Illinois
    congratulations ilcongressional-liaison c.p.shummon

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