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December 30, 2011

Crescent Construction

Quality Assured.

About Us

Crescent Construction Services, LLC is a minority (female) owned firm specializing in commercial/industrial commissioning and project management. We have utilized our 50 years of commercial construction experience to engage in more than $1 billion of construction projects over the last 5 years. The majority of this work has been completed in the grocery and retail industry with our involvement extending from engineering assistance well into the maintenance inspection needs of an operating site.

The basis of our management team’s career experience matured in the same retail commercial environment we specialize in today. Our understanding of the problems arising from building defects is not limited to their relation to construction and engineering groups. This also encompasses the effects on operations and safety departments, loss prevention, and in the end a company’s ability to service its customers. By providing cost-effective solutions for keeping buildings within specifications we maintain a positive relationship with our customers’ preferred contractors. An intimate knowledge of the industry enables us to use our extensive resources to ensure our focus is always on the best interests of our customers.

Our Process

Our INVeRT program is the key to providing each Crescent customer with true third party quality assurance. INVeRT is a set of clear guidelines based on customer specifications and years of experience utilized not just to diagnose issues, but also to offer cost-effective solutions and prevent these same issues in the future. We call our system INVeRT because when customers encounter problems our program is the catalyst that ensures the project changes direction to move away from the issues and towards the solution.


Drain Commissioning Programs

As part of the INVeRT system, Crescent has developed a modified PACP program to evaluate lateral drain systems more efficiently. Specific locations of issues noted during the inspection process are marked, then all problems are categorized and assigned severity codes. Repair recommendations are made based on Crescent research and customer specifications and any issues requiring repairs are tracked through completion and then re-inspected. By working closely with engineering groups Crescent can assist in eliminating costly onsite corrections caused by changes in code or site planning, as well as provide updated accurate as-built conditions for sites with consistent maintenance issues or those requiring renovation.

Energy Services

Utility cost reductions, even modest ones, can have a tremendous effect on operating budgets. Crescent helps customers locate these reductions with our energy audit program. A recent program developed for an existing customer has provided the potential for a 500% return on the cost of our services in the first year for locations considered to be average energy consumers.


Floor Flatness & Floor Levelness (FF/FL)

In today’s retail environment no single building component can have more effect on customer perception of cleanliness than a finished concrete floor. Tens of thousands of dollars spent on decor will seldom be appreciated when a customer’s first impression of a site is that of a dirty floor. When that unsightly tile is a result of a poorly finished floor, no amount of stripping and refinishing will correct the problem. Without a floor specification based specifically on your traffic conditions, customer perception and floor tile maintenance costs will never improve.


Project Management

Crescent operates under the basic philosophy that all programs must be managed in a manner that maintains a consistent focus on the customer’s best interests. Customers only receive functional and financial benefit from inspection data when the issues are corrected. Commissioning programs must take into account that construction schedules are tight, delays are costly, and accountability is a must. It is extremely important that a commissioning firm retain a working knowledge of industry and customer specific procedures in order to ensure data is procured and conveyed in a timely manner, repairs are scheduled with responsible contractors and their completion is verified, and all issues are reported and tracked to maintain accountability and prevent future occurrences.

Thermography/EIFS Inspections

Since the 1980’s EIFS has been a standard exterior finish for many US retail buildings. Numerous lawsuits forced building codes to include drainage systems in most wood stud construction, however there are still many areas where building codes do not require the use of flashing or sealants for EIFS installations on commercial metal stud or CMU wall construction. In order to function properly as a waterproof insulated exterior wall covering, EIFS must be architecturally designed and installed in a system.

“I am so glad to see that Crescent will continue to be one of my ‘go-to’ development groups for software.” – Paul Schottland, Manager, Software Development and Architecture Group, Skanska USA Inc.


ToraLab is a full service developer offering custom solutions for all major mobile platforms including: iOS , BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone 7, WebOS, & Kindle. In addition to mobile  applications, custom web and Mac OS development services are also available. As a division of Crescent, we started our development careers by creating internal applications to provide more efficient service to our customers. After several of these applications garnered attention from the construction industry and development community we began to focus our attention on developing for public consumption.


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