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December 30, 2011

Welcome to the Winter Issue

Welcome to the Winter Issue and a Look Back at Our First Year

As the day left on the calendar grow fewer, it’s only natural to reflect on the events of the past year and look forward to what comes next. In the world of business, this is an excellent chance to evaluate the current status of your company, as well as to look forward and assess what needs to change.

Articles in this issue of MBEConnect Profiles include a variety of business topics aimed at improving your business in the coming year. From finances and capital, to staffing needs in the current economy, this issue challenges readers to think about expansion, true potential and strengthening their businesses. The businesses and organizations featured as Business Profiles in this issue offer a variety of unique products and services and represent many different areas of the country. As always, we are extremely proud to feature these businesses in our magazine.

Here at MBEConnect, 2011 has seen the launch of MBEConnect Profiles magazine and its quick rise to major award-winning publication status. Earlier this year, MBEConnect Profiles was selected as one of Xerox’s Best of the Best recipients, an international award given to handpicked products that demonstrate excellence in print. We are extremely proud to accept this award and look forward to the challenge of improving our services and remain one of the best-of-the-best.

Thank you for making the first year of MBEConnect Profiles magazine such a success. MBEConnect Profiles is planning another full year of issues focused on the needs of diverse businesses and highlighting the best M/WBEs in the country. More supplier diversity events and a wider distribution are on the horizon for the magazine in the coming months. Again, thank you for making our first year as a magazine such a success. We look forward to the New Year and the opportunities it brings.

-The MBEConnect Team



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