MBEConnect Community Features at a Glance…

Enhanced Privacy Support

Sometimes members may just want to post private business opportunities for businesses with those which they have built a relationship. We understand. That’s why we have an enhanced privacy system in MBEConnect 2.0.   Activity streams, for example, will now accurately show streams from public and friends’ activities separately.  If your members want to keep things for themselves, others won’t be able to view it. What they deem private…stays private! This applies to all private group activities as well. Private groups also stay private!

Your Personal Business Blog Integration

Blogs are a good way to keep new visitors coming back to your profile for more! And in MBEConnect 2.0, members can have their very own blogs, post entries directly from their profile pages, and share those blog posts with friends via the New MyBlog.  Additionally, members’ blog posts will now show up in the community’s Activity Stream; MBEConnect Avatar support is included, and each member can accumulate “user points” with every blog post you make.

Private messaging system

Members can now message their business colleagues or prospective suppliers directly from the community, instead of using email. With MBEConnect’s Private Messaging System, members can send a private message to anyone within the community.

Enhanced Activity Stream

Be in the Supplier Diversity Loop! Find out what colleagues are doing. Don’t be the last one to know about a corporate webinar!

  • Keep up to date on what is happening within your business social circle
  • Subscribe to activity stream via RSS feed
  • Get the supplier diversity news scoop of-the-moment

Professional Groups and Non-Profit Chapter Affiliations

MBEConnect Groups allow like-minded members within the community to build their own mini-communities, made up of members who share their same interests. MBEConnect allows members to…

  • Create and join groups
  • Create group discussions
  • Post on group walls
  • Publish “news bulletins” if you are the “group owner”
  • Subscribe to group activity streams

Corporate Networking System

Developing new and maintaining existing corporate relationships is the essences of any business social network. MBEConnect allows you to connect and build meaningful business relationships with other members in the community. MBEConnect’s intuitive design makes it easy to search for and add new contacts.  And we understand that privacy is important, so that’s why we’ve made it easy for users to approve or reject new friend requests.

Connect with Business Colleagues

Chatting with business colleagues and making new ones is central to MBEConnect. Members can send private messages to anyone and connect amongst themselves at any time.

Follow you Colleagues Activity Stream

Get real-time updates on colleagues daily activities through MBEConnects Activity Stream.  Follow personal blogs and Twitter posts from one location.